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 nickel-Copper Alloys


40-67% Nickel, 24-34% Copper, the balance is comprised of Iron, Manganese, Carbon, Silicon and traces of Aluminium and Titanium.

Common Shapes

Nickel-Copper Alloys are commonly available in

  • Sheets and Plates

  • Welded & Seamless Tubes and Pipes 

  • Wire

  • Bar

  • Fittings

(Not all alloys or tempers available in all shapes)


  • Good Workability

  • High corrosion and weathering resistance in many demanding environments including sulfuric, hydrofluoric and seawater.

  • Excellent subzero mechanical properties 

  • Ductile- easy to draw


  • Machinery and piping used for oil and chemical processing.

  • Pollution control equipment

  • Marine applications

  • Heat exchangers


Nickel-Copper Alloys are generally weldable via GTAW welding, but SMAW is preferred for R-405 as it is less affected by the Sulphur content.


Nickel-Copper Alloys are a little difficult to machine as they work harden very quickly. Alloy R-405 was specifically developed with the addition of Sulfur to make it more readily machinable.

Commonly Used Alloys

400 | 401 | 404 | R-405 | K-500

 Nickel-Copper Alloys

Common Trade Names


Integ Metals // Materials // Nickel // Nickel-Copper Alloys
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